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ePulse® Electrostimulating Knee Brace

ePulse® Electrostimulating Knee Brace


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ePulse® Electrostimulating Knee Brace

Quick Overview

Works directly with your ePulse TENS device or any TENS device with a snap connector

Maintain a large range of motion while receiving the benefits of TENS therapy

Provides instant pain relief to the femoral & peroneal nerves that runs through the legs & knee

Experiment with your ePulse TENS device to find the right therapy for your knee brace

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  • Details

    ePulse's new pain relieving knee brace utilizes TENS electro pulses to block pain signals from the nerves that travel through the knee region to the brain to provide temporary pain relief throughout the area. Used in conjunction with physical therapy, exercise, and stretching, TENS therapy can be an effective way of managing chronic pain without the unhealthy side effects of drugs or chemicals. The ePulse knee brace allows for some range of motion giving you the flexibility and mobility to apply TENS therapy on the go.

    Included in Box:

    • Knee Brace


    Available Accessories:

    • Massage Shoes
    • Massage Belt
    • Massage Socks
    • Massage Gloves
    • Massage Ear Clips
    • Small Electrode Pads
    • Large Electrode Pads
    • Jumbo Electrode Pads
    • Armband
    • Enovative Accessory Pack
    • Lifetime Warranty Pack

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