ePulse® Pro 810 Advanced TENS & EMS Unit

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6 massage therapies
20 levels of intensity

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PRO 810 is ePulse’s newest ultra-portable TENS electrical muscle stimulator with the latest pulse management technology making the PRO 810 one of the smallest and most powerful TENS devices on the market. Coming in at less than 4.5 ounces and with dimensions of 3″ inches long, ePulse PRO 810 is surprisingly tiny. The compact 8000mAh Li-Po battery delivers a maximum of 3.7V and can last over 40 hours fully charged. Six massage therapies are pre-programmed into the PRO 810 including swedish, acupuncture, chopping, gua sha, and lomi lomi. Each therapy can be adjusted for softer or stronger pulses with 20 levels of intensity. For your safety and convenience, an adjustable timer can be set between 10 to 60 minutes in 10 minute intervals. PRO 810 includes dual output support allowing you to set separate therapies for up to four different pads simultaneously. Not only does PRO 810 offer TENS therapies, but also includes EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) or electrical myostimuation which sends electrical pulses to the muscles and mimics the signals sent from the brain when muscles contract. This type of therapy improves blood flow by expanding capillary function and helps improve overall muscle performance. For people that are recovering from a surgery and are suffering from atrophy, this device can help improve muscle function and help you recover faster. Included with the PRO 810: ePulse PRO *10 handheld TENS device, 2 small gel electrode pads, 2 large gel electrode pads, pad holder, 2 electrode connector wires, USB/AC charger, and user manual.

SMALLEST & MOST POWERFUL TENS DEVICE ON THE MARKET – Weights less than 4.5 ounces & output a max of 3.7V

PROVIDES BOTH TENS & EMS THERAPIES – Use TENS modes to provide instant pain relief & EMS therapies to tone, condition, & strengthen muscles

FDA-CLEARED CLASS II DEVICE – PRO 810 has been certified safe by the FDA as an over-the-counter (OTC) TENS & powered muscle stimulator

FSA & HSA ELIGIBLE – Use your flexible or health savings plan to purchase PRO 810 as it is categorized as a medical device

INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET RELIEF – PRO 610 includes 4 total pads, 2 small & 2 large so you can plug in & get instant relief

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