ePulse® Acupressure Massage Shoes


The e-Pulse® Massage Shoes provide soothing relief to your feet and body by stimulating all of the key acupressure points on your feet, releasing muscular tension, and promoting blood circulation.

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e-Pulse® Massage Shoes

The e-Pulse® Massage Shoes are designed to work with your e-Pulse® Ultra and e-Pulse® Pro as well as other TENS/EMS units in the market. Ideal for relieving mild to chronic pain in the lower extremities and feet by stimulating key pressure points in the foot, releasing muscular tension, and promoting blood cirulation. Compatible with most TENS/EMS units on the market.

Included in Box:

  • Massage Shoes


Available Accessories:

  • Massage Belt
  • Massage Socks
  • Massage Gloves
  • Massage Brace
  • Massage Ear Clips
  • Small Electrode Pads
  • Large Electrode Pads
  • Jumbo Electrode Pads
  • Armband
  • Enovative Accessory Pack
  • Lifetime Warranty Pack

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Weight 2 lbs